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May 17, 2018

In this episode, Chris and Steve are still in Vegas! And they're starting to get a little sweaty. Somebody please send us a dry towel, and we may just send it back. It'll be worth nothing someday. Along the way, Steve refuses to wear sunglasses, Chris provides rubs and massages, and they both continue to riff on a certain show on CBS.

Reviews This Episode:

Cream rubs
Wadi (Hot Tub) & Quynh (Waitress)
The Buffet at Wynn
Just Go With It
Fat Tuesdays
In N Out
3 Mile Walk
Massage Chair
Stratosphere (Room and Pool)
Top of the World
Fremont Street
Evel Pie
El Cortez Casino
Mabel, the Zelda-loving TSA Agent