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Jul 16, 2018

In this episode, Chris and Steve get March Madness Fever! Except in July! And instead of basketball, it's frozen dinners! And there's only 8 of them! But everything else is the same! You read that right, Chris and Steve go through a bracket of 8 frozen dinners to crown the winner in The Game of Froze (n Dinners). Along the way, Steve reveals his love for hot pudding, Chris likes pronouncing "Chicken Parm", and they both make up all the rules as they go along.


Reviews This Episode:

Alpha Male Region- Hungry Man Selects & Banquet Mega Meals

Commercial Region- Chili's & Boston Market

Quote Un-quote Healthy Region- Lean Cuisine & EatingWell

Babysitter Region- Kid Cuisine & Kraft Mac & Cheese Dinners